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With this calculator, you will be able to convert any distance or length given in yards to its equivalent in miles. The process used to convert the units will also be shown.

Below are instructions on how to use the calculator. Also, you can read general information about the relationship between yards and miles. Finally, you will find a conversion table with useful values.

How to use the yards to miles calculator?

Step 1: Enter the distance in yards in the corresponding input box.

Step 2: The result in miles will be displayed on the right-hand side panel.

Step 3: The process used to convert from yards to miles will be shown at the bottom.

How many yards are there in a mile?

1 mile contains 1760 yards. This means that 1 yard is equal to 0.0005681818.

Both yards and miles are units of distance or length in the imperial system. Yards can be represented using the abbreviation yd and miles can be represented using the abbreviation mi.

How to convert yards to miles?

To convert from yards to miles, we can divide the miles by 1760. This means we can form the following formula:

d(mi) = d(yd)/1760

Example 1:

Find the number of miles that are equal to 1,500 yards.

To find the number of miles, we need to divide the yards by 1,760. Therefore, we have:

d(mi) = 1500/1760

d(mi) = 0.852273 mi

Example 2:

How many miles are equal to 2,000 yards?

By dividing the yards by 1760, we have:

d(mi) = 2000/1760

d(mi) = 1.136364 mi

Example 3:

Find the number of miles that are equivalent to 15,000 yards.

Dividing the yards by 1760, we have:

d(mi) = 15000/1760

d(mi) = 8.522727 mi

Yards to Miles conversion table

Yards (yd)Miles (mi)
1 yd0.00056818 mi
10 yd0.00568182 mi
20 yd0.01136363 mi
30 yd0.01704545 mi
40 yd0.02272727 mi
50 yd0.02840909 mi
60 yd0.03409091 mi
70 yd0.03977273 mi
80 yd0.04545454 mi
90 yd0.05113636 mi
100 yd0.05681818 mi
200 yd0.11363636 mi
300 yd0.17045455 mi
400 yd0.22727273 mi
500 yd0.28409091 mi
600 yd0.34090909 mi
700 yd0.39772727 mi
800 yd0.45454545 mi
900 yd0.51136364 mi
1000 yd0.56818182 mi

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