Yards to Kilometers Calculator




You can convert a given distance in yards to a given distance in kilometers using this calculator. When you enter a value, the equivalent in kilometers will appear immediately.

More information on how to use the calculator can be found below. You will also discover the difference between yards and kilometers. Finally, a conversion table with useful values is provided.

How to use the yards to kilometers calculator?

Step 1: Write the distance in yards in the first input box.

Step 2: The result in kilometers will be displayed on the right-hand side.

Step 3: The process used to convert from yards to kilometers will be shown at the bottom.

What is the relationship between yards and kilometers?

1 yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers. Alternatively, 1 kilometer is equal to 1 093.613 yards.

Kilometers and yards are units of distance that belong to different unit systems. Yards belong to the imperial system and kilometers belong to the metric system.

Yards can be represented using the abbreviation yd and kilometers can be represented using the abbreviation km.

How to convert yards to kilometers?

To convert from yards to kilometers, we have to multiply the yards by 0.0009144. Therefore, we can form the following formula:

d(km) = d(yd)×0.0009144

Example 1:

Determine the number of kilometers that are equal to 150 yards.

Multiplying the number of yards by 0.0009144, we have:

d(km) = 150×0.0009144

d(km) = 0.13716 km

Example 2:

How many kilometers are equal to 1200 yards?

If we multiply the number of yards by 0.0009144, we have:

d(km) = 1200×0.0009144

d(km) = 1.09728 km

Example 3:

Find the number of kilometers that are equivalent to 15,000 yards.

Multiplying the yards by 0.0009144, we have:

d(km) = 15000×0.0009144

d(km) = 13.716 km

Yards to Kilometers conversion table

Yards (yd)Kilometers (km)
1 yd0,0009144 km
2 yd0,0018288 km
3 yd0,0027432 km
4 yd0,0036576 km
5 yd0,0045720 km
6 yd0,0054864 km
7 yd0,0064008 km
8 yd0,0073152 km
9 yd0,0082296 km
10 yd0,0091440 km
20 yd0,0182880 km
30 yd0,0274320 km
40 yd0,0365760 km
50 yd0,0457200 km
60 yd0,0548640 km
70 yd0,0640080 km
80 yd0,0731520 km
90 yd0,0822960 km
100 yd0,0914400 km
200 yd0,1828800 km
300 yd0,2743200 km
1000 yd0,9144000 km
2000 yd1,8288000 km
3000 yd2,7432000 km

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