Kilometers to Yards Calculator




With this calculator, you can get a distance in yards by entering a distance in kilometers. In addition, you can also obtain an equivalence in yards + feet.

Below you can read additional information about the use of the calculator. Also, you will be able to learn about the relationship between kilometers and yards. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the calculator to convert from kilometers to yards?

Step 1: Write a distance or length in kilometers in the first input box.

Step 2: The distance in yards will be displayed on the right-hand side panel.

Step 3: Additional solutions such as yards+feet and yards+feet+inches, along with the process used to convert km to yd, will be shown below.

What is the relationship between kilometers and yards?

1 yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers. Alternatively, 1 kilometer is equivalent to 1093.613298 yards.

Both kilometers and yards are units of distance. However, kilometers belong to the metric system of units, while yards belong to the imperial system.

Kilometers can be represented using the abbreviation km and yards can be represented using the abbreviation yd.

How to convert kilometers to yards?

1 yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers. Therefore, we can convert kilometers to yards by dividing meters by 0.0009144. This means that we can form the following formula:


Example 1:

How many yards are equivalent to 2 kilometers?

To find the number of yards, we divide kilometers by 0.0009144:

d(yd) = 2/0.0009144

d(yd) = 2187.226597 yd

Example 2:

Determine the number of yards that are equal to 0.55 kilometers.

Dividing the kilometers by 0.0009144, we have:

d(yd) = 0.55/0.0009144

d(yd) = 601.487314 yd

Example 3:

Convert 1.79 kilometers to yards.

Dividing kilometers by 0.0009144, we have:

d(yd) = 1.79/0.0009144

d(yd) = 1957.567804 yd

Kilometers to yards conversion table

Kilometers (km)Yards (yd)
0.001 km1.093613 yd
0.002 km2.187227 yd
0.003 km3.28084 yd
0.004 km4.374453 yd
0.005 km5.468066 yd
0.01 km10.936133 yd
0.02 km21.872266 yd
0.03 km32.808399 yd
0.04 km43.744532 yd
0.05 km54.680665 yd
0.1 km109.36133 yd
0.2 km218.72266 yd
0.3 km328.08399 yd
0.4 km437.445319 yd
0.5 km546.806649 yd
1 km1093.613298 yd
2 km2187.226597 yd
3 km3280.839895 yd
10 km10936.132983 yd

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