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With this calculator, you can convert a given distance in inches to a given distance in yards. You can enter inches in both decimal and fractional form.

Below you will find additional information about using the calculator. Also, you can read general information about the relationship between inches and yards. Finally, you will find a conversion table with useful values.

How to use the calculator to convert from inches to yards?

Step 1: Click on “Decimal” or “Fraction” depending on how you need to enter the number of inches.

Step 2: Write the number of inches in the corresponding input boxes.

Step 3: Click “Convert”.

Step 4: The solution in yards will be displayed on the right-hand side. Additional solutions, such as the equivalent in yards+feet, and the process used to convert to yards will be shown on the additional boxes.

How many inches are there in a yard?

1 yard is equal to 36 inches. Alternatively, 1 inch is equal to 0.027777778 yards.

Both inches and yards are units of distance or length in the imperial system.

We can represent inches using the symbol ″ or also the abbreviation in. On the other hand, yards can be represented using the abbreviation yd.

How to convert inches to yards?

To convert inches to yards, we have to divide the inches by 36. That is, we can form the following formula:

d(yd) = d(in) / 36

Example 1:

Find the number of yards that are equal to 50 inches.

Dividing the number of inches by 36, we have:

d(yd) = 50 / 36

d(yd) = 1.3888889 yd

Example 2:

Convert 105 inches to yards.

Dividing the number of inches by 36, we have:

d(yd) = 105 / 36

d(yd) = 2.9166666 yd

Example 3:

Find the number of yards equivalent to 245 inches.

To find the number of yards, we have to divide the number of inches by 36. Therefore, we have:

d(yd) = 245 / 36

d(yd) = 6.80556 yd

Inches to Yards conversion table

Inches (in)Yards (yd)
0.1 in0.02778 yd
1 in0.27778 yd
2 in0.05555 yd
3 in0.08333 yd
4 in0.11111 yd
5 in0.13889 yd
6 in0.16667 yd
7 in0.19444 yd
8 in0.22222 yd
9 in0.25000 yd
10 in0.27778 yd
20 in0.55555 yd
30 in0.83333 yd
40 in1.11111 yd
50 in1.38889 yd
60 in1.66667 yd
70 in1.94444 yd
80 in2.22222 yd
90 in2.50000 yd
100 in2.77778 yd
200 in5.55556 yd
300 in8.33333 yd

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