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With this calculator, you can convert any given distance or length in inches to feet. You can use inches in decimal form or also in fractional form.

Below you can read additional information about using the calculator. Also, you can learn about the relationship between inches and feet in general. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the calculator to convert from inches to feet?

Step 1: Click on β€œDecimal” or β€œFraction” depending on how you want to enter the inches.

Step 2: Use the corresponding input boxes to enter the number of inches.

Step 3: Click β€œConvert”.

Step 4: The solution in feet will be displayed on the right-hand side. The equivalent in feet+inches and the process used to convert to feet will be displayed at the bottom.

How many inches are in 1 foot?

1 foot is equal to 12 inches. Alternatively, 1 inch is equal to 0.083333333 feet.

Both inches and feet are units of length in the imperial system. Inches can be represented with the symbol β€³ or also with the abbreviation in. Feet can be represented with the symbol β€² or also with the abbreviation ft.

How to convert inches to feet?

To convert inches to feet, we need to divide the number of inches by 12. This means we can form the following formula:

d(ft) = d(in) / 12

Example 1:

Find the number of feet that are equal to 60 inches.

To find the number of feet, we have to divide the number of inches by 12. Therefore, we have:

d(ft) = 60 / 12

d(ft) = 5 ft

Example 2:

Convert 85 inches to feet.

Dividing inches by 12, we have:

d(ft) = 85 / 12

d(ft) = 7.08333 ft

Example 3:

How many feet are equal to 125 inches?

To find the number of feet, we have to divide the number of inches by 12. Then, we have:

d(ft) = 125 Γ— 0.0254

d(ft) = 10.4167 ft

Inches to feet conversion table

Inches (β€œ)Feet (ft)
1/64 β€³0.0013021 ft
1/32 β€³0.0026042 ft
1/16 β€³0.0052083 ft
0.1 β€³0.0083333 ft
1/8 β€³0.0104167 ft
1/4 β€³0.0208333 ft
1/2 β€³0.0416667 ft
1 β€³0.0833 ft
2 β€³0.1667 ft
3 β€³0.2500 ft
4 β€³0.3333 ft
5 β€³0.4167 ft
6 β€³0.5000 ft
7 β€³0.5833 ft
8 β€³0.6667 ft
9 β€³0.7500 ft
10 β€³Β 0.8333 ft
12 β€³1.0000 ft
20 β€³1.6667 ft
30 β€³2.5000 ft
40 β€³3.3333 ft
50 β€³4.1667 ft
60 β€³5.0000 ft
70 β€³5.8333 ft
80 β€³6.6667 ft
90 β€³7.5000 ft
100 β€³8.3333 ft

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