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Use this calculator to convert any given distance in inches to centimeters. You can enter inches in both decimal and fractional form.

Below you can read additional information on how to use the calculator. Also, you can learn about the relationship between inches and centimeters. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the calculator to convert from inches to centimeters?

Step 1: Click on β€œDecimal” or β€œFraction” depending on how you want to enter the inches.

Step 2: Enter the number of inches in the input box provided.

Step 3: Click β€œConvert”.

Step 4: The solution in centimeters will be displayed on the right-hand side. The equivalence in centimeters+millimeters and the process used to convert to centimeters will be shown at the bottom.

How many centimeters are there in an inch?

1 inch is equal to 2.45 centimeters. Alternatively, 1 centimeter is equal to 0.3937 inches.

Both centimeters and inches are units of distance or length. However, inches belong to the imperial system while centimeters belong to the metric system.

We can represent centimeters using the abbreviation cm and we can represent inches using the abbreviation in or the symbol ”.

How to convert inches to centimeters?

1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters, so we can convert inches to centimeters by multiplying by 2.54. Therefore, we can form the following formula:

d(cm) = d(in) Γ— 2.54

Example 1:

Find the number of centimeters that are equal to 5 inches.

Multiplying the number of inches by 2.54, we have:

d(cm) = 5 Γ— 2.54

d(cm) = 12.7 cm

Example 2:

Convert 12 inches to centimeters.

If we multiply the inches by 2.54, we have:

d(cm) = 12 Γ— 2.54

d(cm) = 30.48 cm

Example 3:

Convert 8 1/4 inches to centimeters.

Here, we have a mixed number of inches. Therefore, we start by converting the number to a decimal.

We know that 1/4 equals 0.25, so 8 1/4 equals 8.25. By multiplying this number by 2.54, we have:

d(cm) = 8.25 Γ— 2.54

d(cm) = 20.955 cm

Inches to Centimeters conversion table

Inches (β€œ)Centimeters (cm)
0.01 β€œ0.0254000 cm
1/64 β€œ0.0396875 cm
1/32 β€œ0.0793750 cm
1/16 β€œ0.15875 cm
0.1 β€œ0.2540 cm
1/8 β€œ0.3175 cm
1/4 β€œ0.635 cm
1/2 β€œ1.27 cm
1 β€œ2.54 cm
2 β€œ5.08 cm
3 β€œ7.62 cm
4 β€œ10.16 cm
5 β€œ12.70 cm
6 β€œ15.24 cm
7 β€œ17.78 cm
8 β€œ20.32 cm
9 β€œ22.86 cm
10 β€œΒ 25.40 cm
20 β€œ50.80 cm
30 β€œ76.20 cm
40 β€œ101.60 cm
50 β€œ127.00 cm
60 β€œ152.40 cm
70 β€œ177.80 cm
80 β€œ203.20 cm
90 β€œ228.60 cm
100 β€œ254.00 cm

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