Feet+Inches to Yards Calculator







This calculator allows you to convert the entered feet+inches to a distance in yards. The calculator will also display the process used to convert the units.

The following instructions show how to use the calculator. In addition, you can also read general information about the relationship between feet, inches, and yards. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the feet+inches to yards calculator?

Step 1: Write the number of feet in the first input box.

Step 2: Write the number of inches in the second input box.

Step 3: Click β€œConvert.”

Step 4: The result in yards will be displayed on the right-hand side. The process used to convert the units will be shown at the bottom.

What is the relationship between feet+inches and yards?

Feet, inches, and yards are units of distance in the imperial system. 1 foot contains 12 inches. Also, 1 yard contains 3 feet. This means that 1 yard contains 36 inches.

We can use the abbreviation ft to represent feet, the abbreviation in to represent inches, and the abbreviation yd to represent yards.

How to convert from feet+inches to yards?

To convert from feet+inches to yards, we can start by converting feet to inches by multiplying by 12. We then add the number of inches to get a total value for inches.

Finally, we divide the inches by 36 to get the number of yards.

Example 1:

How many yards equal 3 feet + 5 inches?

We start by converting from feet to inches by multiplying by 12. Therefore, we have: 3Γ—12=36.

Then we add the number of inches: 36+5=41.

Finally, we divide the number of inches by 36 to get yards: 41/36=1.1388889 yards.

Example 2:

Determine the number of yards that are equal to 5 feet + 9 inches.

By multiplying the number of feet by 12, we have: 5Γ—12=60 inches.

Adding the inches, we have 60+9=69 inches.

Dividing the number of inches by 36, we have: 1.9166667 yards.

Example 3:

Find the number of yards that are equal to 9 feet + 11 inches.

Multiplying the number of feet by 12, we get: 9Γ—12=108 inches.

Adding to the inches, we have: 108+11=119 inches.

Dividing inches by 36, we get: 119/36=3.305556 yards.

Feet+inches to yards table

Feet (ft) +Inches (in)Yards (yd)
1 ft +1 in0.361111 yd
1 ft +2 in0.388889 yd
1 ft +3 in0.416667 yd
1 ft +4 in0.444444 yd
1 ft +5 in0.472222 yd
1 ft +6 in0.500000 yd
1 ft +7 in0.527778 yd
1 ft +8 in0.555556 yd
1 ft +9 in0.583333 yd
1 ft +10 in0.611111 yd
1 ft +11 in0.638889 yd
2 ft +1 in0.694444 yd
2 ft +2 in0.722222 yd
2 ft +3 in0.750000 yd
2 ft +4 in0.777778 yd
2 ft +5 in0.805556 yd
2 ft +6 in0.833333 yd
2 ft +7 in0.861111 yd
2 ft +8 in0.888889 yd
2 ft +9 in0.916667 yd
2 ft +10 in0.944444 yd
2 ft +11 in0.972222 yd
3 ft +1 in1.027778 yd
3 ft +2 in1.055556 yd
3 ft +3 in1.083333 yd

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