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With this calculator, you can convert a given distance in feet+inches to a given distance in miles. In addition to the result, the calculator will also show the process used.

Below you can read the instructions on how to use the calculator. Also, you’ll find general information about feet, inches, and miles. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the calculator to convert from feet+inches to miles?

Step 1: Enter the number of feet in the first input box.

Step 2: Enter the number of inches in the second input box.

Step 3: Click β€œConvert”.

Step 4: The result in miles will be displayed on the right-hand side. The process used to convert the units will be shown at the bottom.

What is the relationship between feet+inches and miles?

Feet, inches, and miles are units of distance or length in the imperial system. 1 foot is equal to 12 inches and 1 mile is equal to 63,360 inches.

Miles can be represented using the abbreviation mi. Feet can be represented using the abbreviation ft. Inches can be represented using the abbreviation in.

How to convert from feet+inches to miles?

Feet + inches can be converted to miles by converting feet to inches and then converting the total number of inches to miles.

Therefore, we start by multiplying feet by 12. Then we add the number of inches and divide by 63360 to get the number of miles.

Example 1:

Find the number of miles that are equal to 100 feet + 11 inches.

We can convert feet to inches by multiplying by 12. Therefore, we have: 100Γ—12=1200 inches.

Now, we add the inches: 1200+11=1211 inches.

Finally, we divide the inches by 63360 to get the miles: 1211/63360=0.019113 miles.

Example 2:

How many miles are equal to 5,000 feet + 11 inches?

Multiplying the number of feet by 12, we get: 5000Γ—12=60000 inches.

Adding the number of inches, we get 60000+11=60011 inches.

Dividing inches by 63360, we have: 0.9471433 miles.

Example 3:

Determine the number of miles that are equal to 12,000 feet + 10 inches.

Multiplying the number of feet by 12, we get: 12,000Γ—12=144,000 inches.

Adding to the inches, we have: 144000+10=144010 inches.

Dividing the number of inches by 63360, we get: 144010/63360=2.2728851 miles.

Feet+Inches to Miles conversion table

Feet (ft) +Inches (in)Miles (mi)
1000 ft +1 in0.1894097 mi
1000 ft +2 in0.1894255 mi
1000 ft +3 in0.1894413 mi
1000 ft +4 in0.1894571 mi
1000 ft +5 in0.1894729 mi
1000 ft +6 in0.1894886 mi
1000 ft +7 in0.1895044 mi
1000 ft +8 in0.1895202 mi
1000 ft +9 in0.1895360 mi
1000 ft +10 in0.1895518 mi
1000 ft +11 in0.1895676 mi
2000 ft +1 in0.3788037 mi
2000 ft +2 in0.3788194 mi
2000 ft +3 in0.3788352 mi
2000 ft +4 in0.3788510 mi
2000 ft +5 in0.3788668 mi
2000 ft +6 in0.3788826 mi
2000 ft +7 in0.3788984 mi
2000 ft +8 in0.3789141 mi
2000 ft +9 in0.3789299 mi
2000 ft +10 in0.3789457 mi
2000 ft +11 in0.3789615 mi
3000 ft +1 in0.5681976 mi
3000 ft +2 in0.5682134 mi
3000 ft +3 in0.5682292 mi

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