Feet to Millimeters Calculator




With this calculator, you can convert a given distance or length in feet to a given distance or length in millimeters. When entering a value, the answer will be displayed immediately.

Below you can find information on how to use the calculator, general information on the relationship between feet and millimeters, and a conversion table with useful values.

How to use the feet to millimeters calculator?

Step 1: Enter any given distance in feet in the first input box.

Step 2: The answer in millimeters will be displayed immediately on the right-hand side.

Step 3: The equivalent in centimeters+millimeters will be displayed at the bottom, along with the process used to convert to millimeters.

How many millimeters are there in a foot?

1 foot contains 304.8 millimeters. Alternatively, 1 millimeter is equal to 0.0032808 feet.

Feet and millimeters are units of distance or length. However, millimeters belong to the metric system and feet belong to the imperial system.

We can represent millimeters using the abbreviation mm and feet using the abbreviation ft or the symbol ′.

How to convert from feet to millimeters?

To convert from feet to millimeters, we can multiply them by 304.8. Therefore, we can form the following formula:

d(mm) = d(ft)×304.8

Example 1:

Find the number of millimeters that are equal to 3 feet.

To find the number of millimeters, we have to multiply the feet by 304.8. Therefore, we have:

d(mm) = 3×304.8

d(mm) = 914.4 mm

Example 2:

How many millimeters equal 5 feet?

By multiplying feet by 304.8, we have:

d(mm) = 5×304.8

d(mm) = 1524 mm

Example 3:

Determine the number of millimeters that are equal to 7.5 feet.

Multiplying feet by 304.8, we get:

d(mm) = 7.5×304.8

d(mm) = 2286 mm

Feet to millimeters conversion table

Feet (ft)Millimeters (mm)
0.01 ft3.048 mm
0.1 ft30.48 mm
0.2 ft60.96 mm
0.3 ft91.44 mm
0.4 ft121.92 mm
0.5 ft152.4 mm
1 ft304.8 mm
2 ft609.6 mm
3 ft914.4 mm
4 ft1219.2 mm
5 ft1524.0 mm
6 ft1828.8 mm
7 ft2133.6 mm
8 ft2438.4 mm
9 ft2743.2 mm
10 ft3048.0 mm
20 ft6096.0 mm
30 ft9144.0 mm
40 ft12192.0 mm
50 ft15240.0 mm
60 ft18288.0 mm
70 ft21336.0 mm
80 ft24384.0 mm
90 ft27432.0 mm
100 ft30480.0 mm

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