Centimeters to Feet Calculator





Use this calculator to convert centimeters to feet. When you enter a value, the calculator will immediately convert it to feet. In addition, you can also obtain the equivalence in feet + inches.

Below is some additional information about using the calculator. In addition, you can also learn about the relationship between centimeters and inches. A conversion table is displayed at the bottom of the page.

How to use the calculator to convert from centimeters to feet?

Step 1: Write the distance in centimeters in the first input box. Any real value can be used.

Step 2: The number of feet equal to the entered centimeters will be displayed on the right panel.

Step 3: The equivalent in feet + inches and the process used to convert to feet will be shown on the additional boxes.

How many centimeters are in a foot?

1 foot contains 30.48 centimeters. Alternatively, 1 centimeter is equal to 0.0328084 feet.

Centimeters are units of distance or length in the metric system. The symbol used to represent centimeters is cm.

Feet are also units of distance or length, but they belong to the imperial system. We can represent feet using the symbol ft or ′. For example, 5 ft can be written 5 ′.

How to convert centimeters to feet?

Since 1 foot is equal to 30.48 centimeters, we can divide a given distance in centimeters by 30.48 to get a distance in feet. Alternatively, we can multiply centimeters by 0.0328084 to get feet.

d(ft) = d(cm)/30.48

Example 1:

Find the number of feet equivalent to 50 cm.

Let’s find the number of feet by dividing the centimeters by 30.48:

d(ft) = 50/30.48

d(ft) = 1.64042 ft

Example 2:

How many feet are equal to 120 cm?

We have to divide the centimeters by 30.48 to find the number of feet:

d(ft) = 120/30.48

d(ft) = 3.937008 ft

Example 3:

Convert 20 centimeters to feet.

If we divide the centimeters by 30.48, we have:

d(ft) = 20/2.54

d(ft) = 0.656168 ft

Centimeters to Feet table

Centimeters (cm)Feet (ft)
0.1 cm0.003281 ft
1 cm0.032808 ft
2 cm0.065617 ft
3 cm0.098425 ft
4 cm0.131234 ft
5 cm0.164042 ft
6 cm0.196850 ft
7 cm0.229659 ft
8 cm0.262467 ft
9 cm0.295276 ft
10 cm0.328084 ft
20 cm0.656168 ft
30 cm0.984252 ft
40 cm1.312336 ft
50 cm1.640420 ft
60 cm1.968504 ft
70 cm2.296588 ft
80 cm2.624672 ft
90 cm2.952756 ft
100 cm3.280840 ft
200 cm6.561680 ft
300 cm9.842520 ft

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