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With this calculator, you can convert a given distance in feet to an equivalent in feet+inches. This is useful when you need to determine the number of inches that are equal to the decimal part of feet.

Below is information on how to use the calculator. Also, you have general information about the relationship between feet and inches. Finally, you will find a conversion table.

How to use the feet to feet+inches calculator?

Step 1: Enter the number of feet in the corresponding input box.

Step 2: The equivalent in feet+inches will be displayed on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Additional solutions in inches, both in decimal and fractional form, will be shown on the additional panels.

What is the relationship between feet and inches?

1 foot is equal to 12 inches. Or alternatively, 1 inch equals 0.083333.

Feet and inches are units of distance in the imperial system of units. We can represent feet with the abbreviation ft or the symbol β€² . On the other hand, we can represent inches using the abbreviation in or the symbol β€³.

How to convert feet to feet+inches?

To convert from feet to feet+inches, we have to start by taking just the integer part of feet. Next, we take the decimal part and multiply it by 12 to find the number of inches.

Example 1:

Find the equivalence of 15.5 feet in feet+inches.

We take the integer number which is the number of feet. Next, we multiply the decimal part by 12, and we get 0.5Γ—12=6.

Therefore, 15.5 feet equals 15 feet + 6 inches.

Example 2:

How many feet+inches equal 12.3 feet?

The integer number of feet is 12. Then we multiply the decimal part by 12, and we get 0.3Γ—12=3.6.

Therefore, 12.3 feet is equal to 12 feet + 3.6 inches.

Example 3:

Determine the number of feet+inches that equal 21.8 feet.

The integer number of feet is 21. Then we can multiply the decimal by 12, and we get 0.8Γ—12=9.6.

Therefore, 21.8 feet is equal to 21 feet + 9.6 inches.

Feet to feet+inches conversion table

Feet (β€²)Feet (β€²) +Inches (“)
0.1 β€³0 β€² +1.2 β€³
0.2 β€³0 β€² +2.4 β€³
0.3 β€³0 β€² +3.6 β€³
0.4 β€³0 β€² +4.8 β€³
0.5 β€³0 β€² +6 β€³
0.6 β€³0 β€² +7.2 β€³
0.7 β€³0 β€² +8.4 β€³
0.8 β€³0 β€² +9.6 β€³
0.9 β€³0 β€² +10.8 β€³
1 β€³1 β€² +0 β€³
1.1 β€³1 β€² +1.2 β€³
1.2 β€³1 β€² +2.4 β€³
1.3 β€³1 β€² +3.6 β€³
1.4 β€³1 β€² +4.8 β€³
1.5 β€³1 β€² +6 β€³
1.6 β€³1 β€² +7.2 β€³
1.7 β€³1 β€² +8.4 β€³
1.8 β€³1 β€² +9.6 β€³
1.9 β€³1 β€² +10.8 β€³
2 β€³2 β€² +0 β€³
2.1 β€³2 β€² +1.2 β€³
2.2 β€³2 β€² +2.4 β€³
2.3 β€³2 β€² +3.6 β€³
2.4 β€³2 β€² +4.8 β€³
2.5 β€³2 β€² +6 β€³
2.6 β€³2 β€² +7.2 β€³
2.7 β€³2 β€² +8.4 β€³
2.8 β€³2 β€² +9.6 β€³
2.9 β€³2 β€² +10.8 β€³

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