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Learn about variables, equations, functions and more advanced algebraic topics.

Algebraic expressions examples

Algebraic expressions

Algebra is a branch of mathematics where numbers and letters are used to represent numeric problems

linear equations with one variable

Linear equations with one variable

Equations are linear when they can be written in the form ax+b=c, where, x is a variable and a, b and c are constants.

laws of exponents definition and examples

Laws of exponents

The laws of exponents are some of the most important laws in algebra because they can be part of most algebraic problems.
domain and range of an irrational function

Domain and range of functions

The domain is the set of possible values for the inputs of the function. The range is the set of possible values for the outputs.


Learn about angles, perimeter, area and volume of different geometric figures.

properties of a parallelogram

Properties of a parallelogram

A parallelogram is a two-dimensional figure that has sides that are parallel to each other.

corresponding angles example

Corresponding angles

Corresponding angles are angles formed when a transverse line crosses two straight lines.
diagram of elements of a sphere 2

Elements of a sphere

Some of the most important elements of the spheres are the radius, the diameter, the center, the poles and the chords.

geometric nets of a cube

Nets of a cube

A cube is a six-sided regular polyhedron. This means that all the faces of a cube are squares.


Learn about angles in a triangle, trigonometric functions and trigonometric identities.

graph of cosine with different period

Period of the cosine function

The period of the cosine function is 2π, therefore, the value of the function is equivalent every 2π units.
amplitude of the sine function

Amplitude of sine functions

The amplitude is the distance between the center line of the function and the maximum or minimum point.
rectangular to polar coordinates formulas

Rectangular to polar coordinates

Polar coordinates are written in the form (r, θ), where r is the distance and θ is the angle.

diagram of the law of cosines

Law of cosines

The law of cosines is the ratio of the lengths of the sides of a triangle with respect to the cosine of its angle.


Learn about parabolas, ellipes, circumferences and hyperbolas.

diagram of a circumference with center at the origin

Circumference with center at origin

To find the equation of a circle centered at the origin, we use the Pythagorean theorem.
elements of a parabola

Elements of a parabola

The fundamental elements of a parabola are: vertex, focus, focal length, latus rectum, directrix and axis.
Parameters of horizontal ellipses centered at the origin

Equation of an ellipse with examples

Equations of ellipses centered at the origin can have two variations depending on their orientation.

elements of a hyperbola 2

Elements of the hyperbola

The most important elements of a hyperbola are the foci, vertices, axes, focal length, semi-axes, and asymptotes.